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#UNREAL on lj

6/29/07 04:13 am - seaofcrap - wow

long time no see.

4/7/07 01:32 am - sphyxe - hay guuuuuuuuuyzzz

So #unreal is dead now :( board.nitaru.org doesn't work! T_T

(not that it was very active anyway)

8/3/06 01:06 pm - __retrogress

i dunno if you guys are into this kinda stuff, but it's a rating community.
don't get mad if i promote. :[


5/30/06 01:36 pm - ex_jacomus91 - Omgggggggg. Dead.

#Unreal is like, officially dead. All of it. WHYYY?? Like seriously, why? (Maybe because nobody else can join anymore) >:O Nobody really cares, either. And I think I'd care more if anyone else did. But oh well, what now? ;~;*

4/16/06 08:02 pm - miss_rinoa - O_o;;

Sorry to be a pain guys... But would you mind me asking a favor? *winces*

Between the time I last posted on the boards, and the time that this thing happened with Zech, my account was actually deleted (probably from inactivity). So yeah, since that time, I haven't actually been able to re-register. I was just wondering if someone would be able to put me in touch with a mod so I can possibly re-reg? Any help given would very much be appreciated ^^

- Rin

3/20/06 07:08 pm - coro_net - Heya all

Heya all, this is Coronet from #U. Just dropping in to say hello. :3

2/17/06 10:56 pm - reallydeadthing - IRC

I was just wondering is the #unreal chat room still alive? If so, what is the server? I have finally become an IRC addict, so if #unreal chat is still around I want to join in the fun!

Thanks in advance, peoples.

- Mr Inky

2/13/06 10:32 pm - mieliterapiaa

oh my god~

2/2/06 07:12 am - keiyou


12/25/05 06:05 pm - reallydeadthing - Merry Christmas!

Merry Crimbo 2005

Merry Christmas everybody! :D
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