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#UNREAL on lj

2/13/06 10:32 pm - mieliterapiaa

oh my god~

2/2/06 07:12 am - keiyou


12/25/05 06:05 pm - reallydeadthing - Merry Christmas!

Merry Crimbo 2005

Merry Christmas everybody! :D

12/14/05 03:16 pm - scherzade

Hey guys, lovely board admin here!

Just wanted to point you this way and announce the 2005 #U Secret Santa is now open. :D

12/11/05 01:34 pm - toxiin - #UNREAL is back!

#UNREAL is back!

12/3/05 07:01 pm - fraction - Happy Birthday Yana!

To a very special Yana,
Happy birthday! I admit that I'm careless and stupid for not knowing and/or forgetting that it was your birthday. You know that everyone loves you, and we would never do anything to make you feel like an outsider. You are amazing, and you can't let the emoposse down.

We all love you.

Happy Birthday! ♥

11/23/05 12:02 pm - ex_jacomus91 - Presenting...

The MS Paint #U Chronicles. Available to the general public for the first time ever.

Daughter to father, I still wear your polo sweater.Collapse )

*note: May not actually be funny.

11/3/05 07:20 pm - sugarplum_faery - You ridiculous tub of foul monkey shit.

Q: Whatever happened to the #unreal forum? I always get an error page when I visit it.

...here's a joke for you! :)Collapse )

And here's a Random Insult Generator (just for fun)!

9/19/05 11:54 pm - ex_jacomus91 - Sup? o/

Well, nobody ever posts -meaningful- posts here. I thought I'd do the honors...

With a song from my own heartCollapse )

9/11/05 12:16 pm - sphyxe - BOO

It's Hope.

Add me :'D
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